Am I the Only one Without a List?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Let me get straight to the point here: apart from a huge desire to travel the world, I have nothing to cross from my list. Mainly because I don’t have a list. No crossing, no ticking.

Life goals list? I haven’t compiled one yet.

When I first decided to start writing again, I initially wanted to make a list of 40 exciting things I wanted to do before hitting 40. And then, I realized I was in no rush to get anything accomplished before my birthday. Somehow, I was quite disappointed with myself for not having a list but at the same time I was relieved - no one needs that kind of pressure, right!?

I honestly can’t explain what’s up with me and the no list issue. I don’t even make a list of groceries when out shopping. Note to oneself - perhaps you should start making one, listing all the ingredients you need for a recipe avoids major fuck ups in the kitchen!!!! YOU can’t bake a cake with half of the stuff needed!!!

I have friends that note down all sorts: house chores to get done, holiday outfits to take, places to visit, things to experience before dying, traits a future boyfriend should have, the list can go on. To my understanding, some are more trivial than others and I wonder if lists are a way of keeping ourselves into check.

In case you are someone like me and haven’t figured out what is important to write down yet, fear not, you are not alone. We are just taking our time to find our clues in life, okay? This is not about any list, but “the list”. Life goals are going to be created...not today obviously but some day.

It may take some of us longer to create a life that we can be excited about it, and just because I don’t know what I want to achieve in the future, it doesn’t mean I will never achieve anything. And yes, I thought by 40 I would have a road map to personal success but it seems I have failed. Never mind. Life moves on. Growing up sucks at times!

I am staring at a blank page. Anyone else in the same boat? Maybe I should start by listing what I need to bake that cake :)

Today, I have no boxes to tick. End of.

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