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Poster Girl, who are you? I am YOU! Yes, you.

Let me ask you this? Have you ever felt like a failure or that you were about to fail in one or many aspects of your life? If you answered YES, then you should read this blog.

Hi, I am Nelma and Poster Girl is my brainchild - an idea I had 2 years ago, on the verge of my 40th birthday. At the time, FAILURE was a word I used a lot. I didn’t stand for anything, I felt like nothing - single, jobless with no career prospects and counting pennies. Surely, I didn’t expect to reach 40 like this. Often, I wondered if I was the only one out there feeling worthless.

My anxiety was driving me to a place of obscurity. At a friend’s suggestion, I started writing down my feelings and personal experiences and it helped. I wanted to share my stories but didn’t think I could. I also become interested in other women’s stories - no matter how different they were to mine. They all seemed to be struggling with something, whether that was losing weight, finding the one, financial debts, getting pregnant, the break of a marriage etc. I then came to the realization that I wasn’t alone - perhaps, we were not facing the same troubles but our differences were uniting us. Somehow, seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, opened doors to reflections.

Today, I am a Poster Girl for HOPE - my life hasn’t turned out like in the fairy-tales but I am grateful. I no longer suffer from people’s opinions or expectations of me (at least, I try not to). I AM IMPERFECT, AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF IT.

I can’t promise to deliver the secrets of a HAPPY life in my posts, but rest assured that we are going to have fun discovering it together. Can we do this? In the words of Barack Obama: "Yes we can!".   I’d like to get to know you, your story and what you stand for. Be my Poster Girl 😊

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Speak soon.


Nelma Pascoal-Lima


Poster Girl

Born to conquer​


London - England

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